My Rating System

As obnoxious as a rating system is (especially for authors who are looking to bring positive attention to their books) I still believe it is necessary to use one.  It sets a standard so that from the beginning, a reader understands what category a book is in before they discern in detail why the reviewer  gave such a rating.

Stars aren’t nearly as cute as owls — hence my rating system ranging from one to five Owls.  To avoid any confusion, below I have described what each possible rating means:

Five Owls:

owl-book-hiowl-book-hi owl-book-hiowl-book-hiowl-book-hiThis book blew my mind.  The story was so engaging that I couldn’t do anything besides read it until I was  finished.  Gripping plot, intriguing and likable characters, faultless writing.

Four Owls:

owl-book-hiowl-book-hiowl-book-hiowl-book-hiThis book was pretty darn good and I would recommend it.  There weren’t any major flaws with plot, characters, or writing.  Still, this book didn’t receive five stars for a good reason — perhaps the ending was too predictable or reminiscent of other books I’ve read.

Three Owls:

owl-book-hiowl-book-hiowl-book-hiI enjoyed this book and the story was compelling enough for me to keep wanting to know what happens next.  That said, the writing was not the best and the writer’s voice wasn’t particularly unique in any way.

Two Owls:

owl-book-hiowl-book-hiI felt rather ‘blah’ about this reading experience.  I finished the book but it was far from a page-turner.  Issues with character development, plot, and awkward writing.

One Owl:

owl-book-hiI found this book  frustrating and so unbearable to get through that I may have skipped entire sections or not finished it at all.  The characters were obnoxious and eye-roll worthy; the plot lacked significant conflict; the presence of good story telling was entirely amiss.


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